Exploring the Scientific Miracle
The Holy Qur'an

Dr. Mohammad N. Wagdi, Ph.D.

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Table of Contents

  1. Introduction

  2. Chapter 1: Allah's Creation and the Human Mind

    1. Who is ALLAH (SWT)?
    2. Summary and conclusions
  3. Chapter 2: The Time Element

    1. The lunar year and the solar year
    2. Time in the sight of ALLAH (SWT)
    3. Summary and conclusions
  4. Chapter 3: Creation of the Heavens and the Earth

    1. Sequence and timetable
    2. The "What in between" the heavens and the earth
    3. Raising the heavens
    4. Shape of the earth
    5. Bulging of the earth
      1. Exit of water from within the earth
      2. Formation of the mountains
    6. Tilting of the earth’s spin axis
    7. Variation of the atmospheric pressure with altitude
    8. Construction of the lowest heaven
    9. The stars and the planets
    10. The planets in our solar system
    11. Formations of the stars
    12. Expansion of the heaven (the universe)
    13. The power of ALLAH (SWT)
    14. Every thing is created in pairs
    15. The heavens-earth connection
    16. Summary and conclusions
  5. Chapter 4: Creation of Life

    1. Are there forms of life in the heavens?
    2. The Angels
    3. The Jinns
    4. The Humans
    5. Space travel
    6. The spiritual power
    7. All other creatures
    8. Summary and conclusions
  6. Chapter 5: Judgment Day

    1. Some of the major signs
    2. The events
      1. What will happen to our sun and all other Stars
      2. What will happen to the Planets
      3. What will happen to the Earth
      4. What will happen to the Heaven
    3. Sequence of events
    4. Summary and conclusions
  7. Chapter 6: More About Allah's Creation

    1. The heavens, the earth and what in between them
    2. The creation and the making
      1. The night and the day, and the darkness and the light
      2. The stars and the constellations
      3. The earth's solid foundations
      4. Shifting of the earth's spin axis
    3. Everything is created for the benefit of mankind
    4. The structure of the heavens
    5. ALLAH's Light
    6. Repetition of the creation
    7. Summary and Conclusions
  8. Chapter 7: The Holy Verses and the Present Discoveries

    1. Theory of the creation of the universe
    2. Discrepancies in the Big Bang theory
    3. Major observations
    4. The Holy verses explain the unexplained
    5. Theory of the earth’s structure
    6. The Holy verses and the structure of the earth
      1. Major parts of the earth
      2. The upper layers of the earth
      3. Role of the mountains
      4. The earth's gravity
      5. Number of the earth's layers
      6. The underground water
      7. Partitioning of different bodies of water
    7. Orbit of the sun
    8. The falling star (the black holes)
    9. The piercing star
    10. Summary and conclusions
  9. Chapter 8: Ancient Civilizations

    1. The Early History of Mankind.
    2. Were the destroyed generations primitive or advanced people?
    3. When did the ancient civilizations exist?
    4. Fluctuations in the ancient human population.
    5. Summary and conclusions.
  10. Chapter 9: The Absolute and Ultimate Knowledge of Allah (SWT)

    1. Nothing is hidden from ALLAH (SWT)
    2. ALLAH (SWT) knows everything, the past, the present, and the future
    3. The infinite resources of ALLAH (SWT)
    4. Summary and conclusion
  11. Appendix A: Iblees and Satan

  12. Appendix B: A Closer Look at the Creation of the Humans

  13. Appendix C: Periodic Management of the Earth

  14. Appendix D: The Word "Day" in the Holy Qur'an

  15. Appendix E: The Human Sight and Allah's Creation

  16. Appendix F: The Word "Worlds" In the Holy Qur'an

  17. Appendix G: List of Cited Verses

  18. Index

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